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Tigers star is a large dark brown tabby cat with long claws, a long tail and pale, amber-colored eyes. One of his ears has a deep "V" neckline and he has a scarred nose. His coat is covered with battle scars

Into the Wild
Tigers star was previously under the name Tiger Claw a warrior of ThunderClan. After he killed after a battle with RiverClan the second leader of his own clan, he hopes to be even second leader by telling the ThunderClan, Oakheart have killed Redtail, and he had killed in revenge Oakheart. This Heart of Oak was killed by a rockfall. Ravenpaw had witnessed this event and this was supposed to thwart his plan. Therefore tried tiger claw his pupils out of the way.
Instead of Tiger's Claw was then the new second Lionheart chosen leader, Tiger's Claw had to devise a new plan. However, as the Lionheart dies in an attack ShadowClan, appointed Blue Star Tiger's Claw for the second leader.
After Ravenpaw gray paw paw and fire all told, this Ravenpaw brought to Barley, a single runner, who lives near the high cliffs. The clan told the two students were dead Ravenpaw

Fire and Ice
Finally, tiger claw his leader Bluestar, a trap placed at Thunderpath. But Bluestar was prevented to come because she was sick. Instead, groped Cinderpaw, Fireheart's pupil, in the case and was hit by a monster. Because Tiger Claw, she could not complete their training as a warrior.

Secret of the Forest
Then he grabbed a few stray cats in the camp of the ThunderClan, and let it look as if they had followed him and he would even fight on the side of his clan. While the thunder clan fought against the strays, tiger claw crept in Bluestar's den and was about to rob her of her past life. Luckily Fireheart in the vicinity and was able to stop him. Tiger's Claw was punished with exile, none of his friends went with him into exile.

Before the Storm
As a stray he attacked a ThunderClan patrol. He succeeded in Stormwind to kill. As a thorn paw and mouse's total dissolution into the camp rushed Fireheart came to their aid. As a white throat during a storm wind was dead, thought Fireheart, white throat could have killed the loyal ThunderClan warrior. He chased him across the Thunderpath, white throat was hit and died. Suddenly, Tiger claw behind him. Fireheart but was superior to him and his stray tiger's claw had appeared. Just when it was bad for a light heart, appeared to ThunderClan warriors, and shortly afterwards RiverClan warriors. Together they were able to claw Tigers pushed into a corner, but fled as the strays, tiger claw was able to escape as well.

Dangerous signs
Tiger Claw joined the shadow clan and became its leader after the leader died of ShadowClan leader and his second night star light fur with a terrible disease.
First, he called his boy, and Amber Brombeerpfote paw, which he fathered with gold flowers, as in his first major meeting leader back. Blue Star adjourned its Endscheidung to the next full moon. Tigers star lost his patience and his old cronies bribed Darkstripe, they zurückzuschmuggeln what could not.

When he came to the tree square on gray pond, she gave him, because of their age, for oak heart and told him about the boy from ThunderClan. Wanted to know more than Tiger star, she fell down a rock slope and died.
As Tiger Star noted that dogs were staying in ThunderClan territory, he took his chance. He cleverly lured them with the help of rabbit carcasses to the ThunderClan camp. After corn paw was injured by the dogs had found difficult and Swiftpaw by the crowd of his death, was also stained face too late to help. Tigers star wanted to get through her body, the dogs on the taste of cat's blood. He knew what was up and Fireheart now hiding in the gorge. His conjecture, Fireheart would try the lead dog in the rushing water below the gorge to encounter, turned herraus be correct. Quick as a flash he was in between, held Fireheart and had the lead dog to come closer. Suddenly, blue star, threw himself on the back of the dog and threw him into the water. Fire her heart jumped in to save them. Tigers star climbed down to the shore and could see the blue star died. When Graystripe had not restrained him, Tigers star would have killed them all.

Hour of darkness
Tigers star then had the idea to make one of four clans, so that he could rule the entire forest. He founded the Tiger Clan. When he suggested this at a Gathering, refused any other clan, except for the river clan, who had already agreed to this idea. Tigers star had increased its territory and is now headquartered in RiverClan territory on a huge pile of bones. The cat, whose parents came from different clans, he called his prisoners. So also Mistyfoot, Stonefur, storm paw paw and tongue were present. Before fire star, Graystripe and Ravenpaw eyes let Tiger Sternstein coat of dark streak and Blackfoot kill, because he had refused to kill the two students. Firestar and his friends managed to preserve both the students and Mistyfoot from the wrath of Tiger clan and saved her.
Tigers star's patience was at an end. He urged other clans to finally join the Tiger Clan. For this he met with them on the tree square. But the leaders of other clans refused again. But Tiger star had an ace up its sleeve. Suddenly, lined up one more cat and a little black cat stepped forward, Scourge, the leader of the Blood Clan. Tigers star told the three clans to attack, but nobody moved. Scourge said, his clan and he would decide when and where there was a fight. Tigers star called him a traitor and threw himself suddenly on the little cat. From a purely physical scourge would have had no chance if there were not his dog's teeth with murderous been reinforced claws. With one stroke of the whip crack big tiger cat's belly. The wound was so bad that not even StarClan could heal them again. Tigers star lost all his nine lives at once.
So, lets wish our contestants congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Although it would have been nice if we had more entries next time guys!

(Sorry for it taking so long)

The Results

FIRST PLACE :icon1stplz:



TigerStar Amd The Dogs (contest entery) by Titan-Sushi

SECOND PLACE :icon1stplz:





Please contact me and :iconunknownartist101: for your prizes
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